The story of how the Stanley Quencher sold out in a day

The story of how the Stanley Quencher sold out in a day

Stanley, the esteemed outdoor brand with a rich history spanning over a century, has firmly established itself as a market leader renowned for its high-quality thermos flasks, beloved by outdoor enthusiasts. After introducing their latest product, the Quencher, the brand has witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity and captivated a whole new audience. Thanks to its viral success on TikTok, the Stanley Quencher has truly become a sensation on social media, sparking genuine excitement and anticipation.

A new audience

Stanley has traditionally directed its marketing endeavours towards a predominantly mature male demographic of outdoor enthusiasts who are already familiar with the brand. However, with the introduction of the Quencher, a product that resonates strongly with a younger and predominantly female audience actively involved in daily activities like commuting, exercising, and staying hydrated, a remarkable opportunity for audience expansion arises.

Creative strategy

GoodKarma actively reshaped Stanley’s campaign strategies and refined advertising content to effectively engage and serve this vast new audience:  younger, faster, shorter, louder, more ‘TikTok style’. Collaborating closely with Stanley's marketing team, our creative strategists worked alongside them to develop ad briefings, conceptualize ideas, establish ad building blocks, and generate shortlists. We then proceeded to shoot and edit the optimized content, tailored specifically for optimal performance on paid social channels.


Through dedicated lead-generation and digital marketing campaigns targeting young women on Meta and Google, Stanley’s newsletter subscriber list grew 360% and sold out all Quenchers in the EU within 24 hours. The new content optimized for paid social resulted in a 400% ROAS improvement on Meta and TikTok.

All Quenchers sold out in 24 hours

+360% E-mail Subscriber List Growth

+400% ROAS increase on new ad content

“GoodKarma’s expertise, data-driven insights, and flexibility continues to be an invaluable asset in maximising our online success”

Bas Vossen
eCommerce Specialist EMEA at Stanley 1913

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