CRO: The key to marketing profitability.

Make data driven decisions and increase revenue and marketing efficiency with CRO! If you are spending large sums on online marketing, but visitors are just not converting, your website could be the culprit. We can help you identify and fix the conversion blockers so you can make the most of your marketing budget and increase the profitability of your website.
After a comprehensive 6-months CRO program, in preparation for the sell-out launch of the viral quencher.
Thanks to a dedicated landing page, used for a performance marketing campaign on Meta & TikTok.
Thanks to a new, custom designed Shopify 2.0 theme with a brand-first conversion optimisation approach.
Simply drawing visitors to your website isn't enough. The key to lower CAC and profitability lies in converting these visitors into paying customers.
What is CRO?
Conversion Rate Optimization is the methodology to identify and improve potential issues and blockers on your website in order get more visitors to complete their purchase.
Why is CRO Essential?
Higher ROI

An optimized conversion rate means you get more value from each visitor. By maintaining the same traffic but enhancing the conversion rate, you'll see a direct increase in your ROI.

Improved User Experience

When your website is optimized for conversion, it often means your users have a superior experience. Websites that are intuitive and user-friendly  lead to higher conversion rates.
What does the process look like?
Brand deep-dive

We start by getting to know your brand through conversations with your team members, historical data, competitor research, review mining and much more.

Analytics & tag check

We will make sure that you have the right analytics tech stack and all tagging is in place, correctly. We wi set up server side tracking (info available yet) and recommend additional tooling if needed, such as Hotjar or Blotout (for cookie-less tracking).

Gather insights on user behaviour

• Dive into GA4
• Check Hotjar (if applicable)
• Get insights from customer service
• Other sources of customer feedback that are available
• Implement surveys on site to get feedback

Create a backlog of test ideas & ranking

Based on insights from the previous steps, we create a central hub to collect test ideas and prioritise them based on the ICE model: Impact, Confidence and ease.

Once that's done, we start running the experiments. Based on your website traffic we recommend the most suitable experiment cadence for you.
What about landing pages?
Dedicated landing pages are a CRO low hanging fruit! They are one of the easiest ways to increase your conversion rate and lower your CACat the same time. They are tailored to the specific campaign they are made for in terms of the audience, visual and copy. We build all landing pages in Replo because of the speed of execution and fast iteration Replo makes possible.

Landing pages are available as a standalone service, please get in touch for the pricing.
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We have been working with GoodKarma since April and we couldn't be happier with their exceptional Shopify support and development services. Having previously experienced their digital marketing skills, transitioning to E-commerce with them was a natural choice. Their hands-on and proactive approach, coupled with their dedication to being part of our team, has truly been a game-changer. Their helpfulness and expertise have been invaluable in achieving our goals. Highly recommend GoodKarma for all your E-commerce and marketing needs!
Ecommerce Manager
“GoodKarma did not only inspire us, they challenged us to think even bigger than we already do. We had to reconsider our position within the market and GK guided us in the right direction. We are amazed by their work and the way they look at a brand and your goals as a whole.”
Co-founder @ Revolt
“Good Karma created our new brand, Nestera, and built us webshops in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and the USA. Their deep knowledge of Shopify Plus allowed us to get all these web shops launched within a few months of each other. The sites are performing fantastically and we are absolutely delighted with the results!”
Founder @ Nestera
"GK is the partner we have been looking for since the day we started. Professional, quick and always thinking ahead for us. They managed to migrate us in hard times to Shopify within 6 weeks which ever since helped us grow and head into the future with confidence."
Founder @ Colourful Rebel
"GK is not just an agency. They become part of your team and they think with you and not for you. We have worked with several agencies specialised in branding and website development, but the experience and the professionalism we got from GK are something that we will keep coming back for. They are by far the best in town!"
Founder @ Bundleboon
“GoodKarma has a strategic but hands-on approach and was up-to-speed about our strategic goals in no time. They have a clear and proven way of working, resulting in both short- and long-term results.”
Head of E-commerce @ FÉST
"For email marketing and Shopify development we went looking for a partner who could do it better, faster, and prettier. Usually we are happy with a partner that can do 2 out of 3. Good Karma did all 3."
Cofounder @ LABFRESH
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