iOS 17 Updates and Their Impact on Klaviyo Users

iOS 17 Updates and Their Impact on Klaviyo Users

In its continuous efforts to prioritize user privacy and security, Apple has unveiled a groundbreaking feature with its iOS 17 update - Link Tracking Protection. This new addition to Mail, Messages, and Safari's Private Browsing mode aims to remove user-identifiable tracking parameters, or UTMs from URLs. As a result, companies like Google and Facebook may find it harder to track users' online behaviour, potentially impacting conversions and channel attribution.

The Impact on User Tracking

With the implementation of Link Tracking Protection, Apple takes a significant step towards safeguarding user data. Tracking parameters that were once easily identifiable will now be obfuscated, making it more challenging for advertising giants like Google and Facebook to gather detailed information on individual users. This measure aims to protect users from intrusive tracking practices that have become prevalent in the digital landscape.

Typical UTMs Unaffected

While the introduction of Link Tracking Protection may sound like a sweeping change, it's important to note that standard UTMs will remain unaffected. This means that marketers can still use these methods to track campaign performance and monitor user behavior effectively.

Impact on Google Analytics and Meta's Tracking

While most tracking parameters will remain unaltered, there will be some impact on tracking by Google Analytics and Meta's tracking of Google and Facebook Ads, but only for private-mode browsing in Safari. For users outside of Safari's Private Browsing mode, these tracking mechanisms will continue to function as usual, ensuring marketers can still gather valuable data from a substantial portion of their audience.

Non-Safari Browsers and Specific Parameters

Non-Safari browsers will not be affected by Link Tracking Protection. Users who prefer alternatives to Safari will continue to have their tracking parameters intact, allowing marketers to monitor their online activities and refine their advertising strategies accordingly. Additionally, specific parameters like "tw_source" will remain unaffected, offering a reliable avenue for tracking users who interact with campaigns utilizing such parameters.


Who and what will be affected?

  1. Individuals using private mode in certain browsers
  2. Apple's native Mail app
  3. Apple's native Messages app

What won't be affected? (for now...)

  1. Browsers other than Safari (e.g., Chrome or Firefox)
  2. Regular Safari browsing
  3. Standard UTM parameters
  4. Custom parameters labeled as "tw_source"
  5. Klaviyo and TikTok click iD parameters

Currently, there are no known cases of Apple stripping click IDs from Klaviyo or TikTok, but it's worth considering that this scenario may change in the future.


Q1: Can I still track link clicks in iOS 17?

Yes, iOS 17 introduced link tracking protection, but Klaviyo users can still track link clicks by using alternative methods like UTM parameters and custom URL shorteners.

Q2: How do I optimize my emails for iOS 17 users?

To optimize your emails for iOS 17 users, ensure they are mobile-responsive, include engaging content, and leverage interactive elements like GIFs and videos.

Q3: Does Klaviyo support push notifications?

Yes, Klaviyo supports push notifications, allowing you to reach iOS 17 users directly on their devices.

Q4: How can I build trust with my email subscribers regarding privacy?

To build trust, be transparent about data collection and usage, provide clear privacy policies, and offer opt-out options for subscribers.

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