Increase profit and CLTV with email marketing

We make email marketing your most profitable channel through brand building, storytelling and automations that generate revenue while you sleep. Convert and retain more customers to maximise online revenue through email marketing!
attributed revenue as a result of optimising the existing email marketing automations and launching additional ones.
attributed revenue after migrating to Klaviyo from Mailchimp and implementing the essential email marketing flows.
attributed revenue, thanks to launching a range of essential email marketing automations and continuously optimising them.
As a full-service ecommerce growth agency, email marketing is an essential part of our toolkit. Here are a few ways we can help you reach your goals:
We don't have a one-size-fits-all approach. Based on our initial kickoff, competitive research and best practices, we develop an email marketing strategy that suits your unique business needs. We audit your account set up, deliverability, list health and growth, campaigns and flows while also getting a deep understanding of your business as a whole.
Automated flows
Email marketing automations can save you time and effort, build a relationship with every customer at scale and support your customer retention goals. After all, it's 5x cheaper to retain a customer then acquire a new one.

Our marketing automations are designed to cover the entire customer lifecycle. From the moment a user subscribes until they become a loyal customer, there is a flow to support every step and milestone.
Email campaigns are a great way to stay top of mind with your customers, tell them about timely news and updates. The trick is to send the right emails to the right customers depending on their preferences and where they are in their customer lifecycle. We can help you create and execute a campaign calendar tailored to your goals and send emails your customers look forward to opening.
Reusable email template
You'll be left with your own branded, reusable email template and 20+ sections so you can easily build your own emails in the future - yourself, or with our support.
We're happy to help you on a recurring basis to optimise your email marketing activities, from campaigns to flows. Think of us as part of your team.
Forget about open rate and click rate, deliverability is the first metric that matters. If your emails land in the spam folder, it doesn't matter how optimised or beautiful they are. We will audit your sender reputation, uncover and address any potential deliverability issues.
Depending on your situation, we can help you migrate to Klaviyo and integrate it with your current ecommerce platform.
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