We make email marketing your most profitable channel. Through storytelling and automations that generate revenue while you sleep.
We don't have a one-size-fits-all approach. Based on our initial kickoff, competitive research and best practices, we develop an email marketing strategy that suits your business. This includes mapping out all the automated email flows. The essential flows are the welcome flow, abandoned cart flow, post-purchase low and win back flow, but we might recommend adding a few extra flows, too.
Integration / Migration
Depending on your situation, we can help you migrate to Klaviyo or integrate it with your current ecommerce platform.
Concept, design, copy & build
We build all of our emails in the Klaviyo editor and develop custom blocks if necessary. Why do it all in the editor? So that later on, you'll be able to make changes without needing a developer. Our creative team will create exciting, visually-driven, on-brand emails that your subscribers will look forward to opening.
Q&A, training, launch
When all of your email flows are ready to go, we'll conduct an extensive Klaviyo Q&A within your organisation. If your team aren't quite comfortable with the platform, we'll train them to make sure they know the ins and outs. Then when you're fully satisfied, we'll go live with the automations.
Reusable email templates
You'll be left with your own branded, reusable email templates and sections so you can easily build your own emails in the future - yourself, or with our support.
We're happy to help you on a recurring basis to optimise your email marketing activities, from campaigns to flows. Think of us as part of your team.
List cleaning
A healthy email list is a must-have for email marketing success. Emailing unengaged subscribers isn't just pointless, it can also impact the deliverability of your emails and send you straight to the spam folder. We'll define a strategy that helps you avoid or get out of the spam folder and get your email list back to optimal health.
List building
To make the most of your email marketing efforts, you'll need to keep growing your list. We'll work with you to find the list-growth strategies that fit your brand and needs. Future-proofing? In process.
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why klaviyo
We are partial to Klaviyo. Not only because it's now officially Shopify's recommended email marketing solution, but also due to its exceptional user experience and advanced capabilities. Here are a few of the many reasons why we love Klaviyo...

Powerful integrations

Connect to hundreds of tools out of the box (or build your custom integration using the API) to get a single view of your customers.

Limitless segmentation

Create just about any customer group you can think of based on email engagement data, or data provided by one of your integrations. There's no easier way to increase your ROI!

Track website behaviour

Next to email engagement, you can also see what your subscribers are doing on your website. This opens the door to a whole world of targeting possibilities, from frequent visitors to browsers who won’t convert.

Next-level personalisation

Taking it further than just using the customer’s name, Klaviyo lets you personalise using any datapoint on your customer’s profile. As we’ve seen above, there are no creative limits here.


  • Pre-built analytics dashboards that help you track what really matters, or build your own custom reports
  • Drag & drop editor to build beautiful, on-brand emails
  • Test & learn at speed thanks to A/B testing features
  • Grow your email lists with forms designed to convert
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