Stieglitz is a fashion brand that designs for those who want to stand out. We partnered with them to support them in their next phase of growth - including expanding to new markets. Our goal was to create a visually-engaging new website that screams 'Stieglitz' and an email marketing strategy that would deepen connections with customers to build a true community of powerful women.
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Faster, better, stronger

We approached the new website with two musts: the user experience needs to be simplified and faster, but it should also be inspiration-driven. It should give shoppers the same feeling they get when they see the brand’s bold designs in person. So we looked for new, interesting ways to display content whilst bringing its creativity to life - digitally.

The result is a true content hub with colour and graphic prints at its core. Interactive, engaging, and entirely shoppable, the site’s fully custom theme is built on Shopify 2.0 and brings every collection to life in a way that makes them irresistible for shoppers.

Not only that, the new site is optimised for strong search/localisation performance. Giving Stieglitz the perfect platform to attract and retain international shoppers.

Email that empowers

An all-around email marketing strategy is essential for any brand’s growth journey as it can support other channels across all customer touchpoints. The result? Lower marketing costs and a closer relationship with the customers.

We put this into practice for Stieglitz with a strategy that was heavy on the visual storytelling, but that let automation do the lifting. Our email flows were right on brand, personalised, and optimised for straight-to-cart conversion.

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