The Avocado Show
A brand with a large online presence, The Avocado Show serves up delicious dishes made with sustainably sourced avocados on a global scale. We developed new content to make their creations even more irresistible.
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We developed The Avocado Show's signature content with a colourful and lively creative direction. Maintaining a strong focus on the food, we took on a mixed media approach that included photography, VFX and stop motion, bringing the dishes to life in a dynamic and engaging way.

This content is used online and in-store, providing a consistent experience for the customer, regardless of where they encounter the brand.


In the lead up to the launch of their new store, The Avocado Show wanted to create a buzz and engage with the local audience. Our solution was to create an AR filter for their Instagram account, providing a unique and interactive way for the public to become familiar with their dishes and have a lasting impact.

With bright colours and animations, the AR filter was designed to be eye catching easy to use. This technology provided a memorable experience that was shared with friends and followers, helping to build anticipation and excitement around the brand.




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