Chicken coops made from 100% recycled plastic with automated doors? Bird boxes with built-in HD cameras? Genius, right? Our challenge was to build a dynamic, exciting consumer-facing brand for Nestera: a new, innovative pet-care company. Working from the ground up, we needed to make sure the brand would speak to both existing pet owners and those who may be on the fence.

From scratch

GoodKarma was asked to create an international brand that is as innovative as it is accessible, and as playful as it is professional. It needed to appeal to experts, as well as those who have never considered being a pet owner before. It also needed to emulate the company's promises: making poultry and pet keeping easy and planet-friendly.

After venturing into several creative directions (including various names), we landed at one that instantly felt natural. We decided to keep things close to the core of the company’s heritage: birds.

Playing with clean graphic elements such as leaves and twigs, we communicate that Nestera is a way to re(connect) with nature. The vibrant colours provide a feeling of forward-looking innovation as well as warmth and trust when combined with our choice of font.

A web experience for the web-footed

Bold enough to stop an unfamiliar scroller in their tracks, but ‘insider’ enough to speak to the professionals. We built Nestera to be aspirational yet inviting and made sure this was reflected in its shiny new website, Shopify framework, and fresh content.

The new website combines Shopify Plus expansion stores and Shopify markets to create the most optimal localised experience for all visitors, wherever they are in the world. The fully custom theme is built on Shopify 2.0 and combines a brand-driven experience optimised for site speed, SEO, and conversion.

“We are a UK company who wanted to launch our sustainable chicken coops across Europe. Good Karma created our new brand, Nestera, and built us webshops in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and the USA. Their deep knowledge of Shopify Plus allowed us to get all these web shops launched within a few months of each other - all without any significant bugs or glitches. The sites are performing fantastically and we are absolutely delighted with the results!”

Richard Freedman

Founder of Nestera

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