Stanley 1913
Stanley 1913, a legacy brand in outdoor essentials, unveiled their new product, the Quencher, to instant viral success on social media platforms like TikTok. To recreate this buzz in the European market, Stanley partnered with GoodKarma, leveraging a 360-degree marketing strategy that redefined customer experience and brand outreach.
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Driving Conversions On-Site

Initially, our growth team audited Stanley's website meticulously to uncover bottlenecks that were hampering conversion rates. The audit included analyzing user behavior, assessing website speed, and evaluating the UX/UI design. As a result, the product page received special attention, including a complete redesign of the above the fold section to make it more compact and user friendly.

The outcome was a whopping +302% increase in add-to-cart rates - even before the popular Quencher hit the market. We ensured that each customer touchpoint was seamless and built a solid foundation of trust around Stanley's brand in Europe.

Targeted Lead Generation

For lead generation we utilized an array of tactics ranging from PPC campaigns, social media advertising to content marketing strategies. The focus was to grow Stanley's reach among potential European customers and convert them into qualified leads.

Special attention was given to crafting compelling landing pages with clear CTAs, gated content, and incentives like exclusive discounts to entice subscriptions. This comprehensive approach led to a 360% subscriber list growth, giving Stanley a much larger database to work with for future campaigns.

Capturing a New Audience Through Creative Strategy

Understanding that the Quencher appealed to a different set of audience - younger and predominantly female - our team carried out extensive market research to comprehend this demographic's pain points and interests. The advertising campaigns were then realigned to feature lifestyle images, relatable messaging, and use-cases that resonated with this new audience. Social listening tools and analytics were used to measure engagement and tweak strategies as needed.

Recognizing the power of social media platforms like TikTok and Meta, our creative strategists worked alongside Stanley’s marketing team to develop quick, catchy, and highly engaging ad content. We focused on shorter video clips, vibrant imagery, and engaging storylines that aligned with the platform's fast-paced nature. The new content was A/B tested rigorously to ensure optimal performance. The result was an impressive 400% Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) increase compared to the original content.
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"GoodKarma’s expertise, data-driven insights, and flexibility continues to be an invaluable asset in maximizing our online success."

Bas Vossen

eCommerce Specialist EMEA at Stanley 1913

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