Revolt is tackling one of the greatest challenges of our time - the transition to electric mobility. By providing all-in-one charging solutions, they’re leading the sustainable transportation movement. But the market isn’t an easy one to penetrate. We were tasked with helping the company elevate its positioning to reflect its ambitions and agenda while setting them apart from the rest.
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Webflow development

Change for the better

Revolt’s mission is to make mobility simple and attainable, so that generations to come can enjoy a better future. We saw an opportunity to develop a unique visual language that captures the essence of being both forward-thinking and accessible.

While they weren’t so sure about changing the logo or brand colours at first, Revolt’s team was quick to get on board with our vision. We worked closely with them to develop a new identity, website and content to achieve their goals.

Carte blanche

With started from scratch and developed a custom font that was clean, modern and approachable, with loads of personality.


“It was super important that the brand essence came across in every touchpoint, from font, to logo, to illustrations and beyond. We kept this in mind in everything we created, to make sure the importance of Revolt’s message stayed central to the user’s experience.”

Allard, Creative Director, GoodKarma

“GoodKarma did not only inspire us, they challenged us to think even bigger than we already do. We had to reconsider our position within the market and GK guided us in the right direction. We are amazed by their work and the way they look at a brand and your goals as a whole.”

Jeroen Van De Ven

Co-founder of Revolt

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