Microwoning proposes a simple solution to the Netherland’s ever-growing housing crisis: micro homes built on land owned by private individuals. Having recently acquired €2.5 million in funding, we were brought on board to set Microwoning up for success by positioning them as a full-service fix for landlords, tenants and local governments alike.

Micro home, macro impact

A strong visual identity was necessary to communicate Microwoning’s layered message, highlighting ease of adoption and individual contribution to solving a country-wide issue.
Our team produced a full content shoot and created vibrant illustrations and animations to bring the brand to life in an exciting and interactive way.
Two complimentary colour palettes were developed to better suit the brand’s varied audiences while elements of Dutch heritage were stylistically incorporated into the design process to tie in with the brand’s roots.

A voice for all

Microwoning speaks to a wide audience. It was important to develop a harmonious brand positioning and tone of voice that was human enough to engage with landlords and tenants, but authoritative enough to influence local government.
We landed on a warm and down to earth tone that keeps information simple and benefits prominent while resonating with the human factor of the end users.


Microwoning required a website that was easy to maintain, user-friendly and cost effective. We set them up by developing a custom website on the low-code platform WebFlow. WebFlow is design and CRO focused, optimises for performance and is easy to use even for non-technical team members, making it the obvious choice.
The new website is sleek, minimal and provides a seamless user experience while effectively communicating the brand’s messaging.
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