FÉST Amsterdam
FEST is a design home & living brand from Amsterdam with seven retail stores and an e-commerce website operating in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. FEST approached us with a list of challenges.

Their ROAS on online marketing channels was below target, their content was not optimized for social advertising and the long conversion window for furniture combined with retail stores made online conversion attribution difficult.
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Full funnel FEST

To combat these issues in Q4 2022, we implemented a full-funnel marketing approach and turned their best creatives into conversion-driving social ads to attract new visitors and brand lovers. We focused on optimizing objectives for each funnel layer to make sure audiences are receiving personalized content that is relevant to the stage they’re in. Not every visitor will convert immediately, so we kept the audiences ‘warm’ by continually showing a diverse range of relevant products and engaging creatives that enhance the FEST brand.

Furthermore, we’ve enriched the product feeds and visual assets as well as set up different campaigns for high-value and low-value items. We’ve incorporated omnichannel sales into the performance marketing through offline conversion attribution and enhanced tracking.

As a result of these optimizations, FEST’s ROAS on both Meta and Google more than tripled within 3 months, and our continued partnership continues to reap improved metrics.

Frank Tervoert

“GoodKarma has a strategic but hands-on approach and was up-to-speed about our strategic goals in no time. They have a clear and proven way of working, resulting in both short- and long-term results.”

Frank Tervoert

Head of E-commerce @ FÉST

About FEST

The Dutch design brand wants to unburden the customer and make interior decorating as easy and fun as possible. Among other things, FEST does this by offering free interior advice and free fabric samples, and the design brand has a mini cinema where customers can try out their favorite sofas. In addition, FEST offers full-service delivery, putting the new furniture in the right place, assembling it, and taking the old furniture back with it, along with all the packaging material.

This is how the design brand positions itself far away from the traditional approach in the furniture industry. The FEST collection is designed by international guest designers and its own design team. The furniture is produced entirely in Europe.

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