Flora Logistics is a start-up rooted in the horticulture sector. The company connects plant growers and retailers directly in a hassle-free marketplace to make it easier for them to scale their businesses. But let’s face it - the floral industry could use a bit of sprucing up. So we were asked to create a fresh new identity, website and strategy for the brand that speaks to a new generation, without alienating the company’s current audience. Enter: Everspring.
UX/UI design

It’s all in the name

The team first joined us under a different name - one that they were keen to change. After several brainstorming sessions, we landed on Everspring. Inspirational, modern and international, this new name sums up the company and how they do what they do for consumers, growers, and retailers worldwide.
We developed a brand positioning that highlighted Everspring’s mission to transform the floral industry through digital innovation. Communicating the benefits for growers and retailers, as well as positioning the brand as a catalyst that will drive the floral industry to scale in a more reliable, accessible, transparent and sustainable way.

The full bouquet

We helped further shape the brand’s offering with some refreshing, punchy copy, a new logo, a custom typeface and a slick new website.
Selecting colours inspired by nature, we aimed to find a balance with the new identity that would both inspire and drive customers to action.

Meet Eve

To make things even more tangible and accessible, we developed an illustrated character - Eve - who embodies the Everspring brand and would help further tell its story.
From bringing the brand story to life, to walking users through the whole platform, Eve would help make the marketplace concept even easier to understand and use. Sowing the seeds for a simple and smooth user experience.
The combination of branded illustrations, a custom colour palette, the ‘e’ mark and logo creates a unique content signature that is clearly Everspring and reflects their position as an innovative marketplace that increases transparency, value, speed and freshness.
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