The flagship Collagen Generating Product from Biosil demanded a revitalized brand identity to resonate more effectively with today’s global consumers, spanning both pharmacies and upscale beauty stores.The current branding exhibited inconsistent evolution across markets, resulting in slight variations in the product’s presentation. A crucial aspect missing from the existing framework was a cohesive visual system to pave the way for future growth. Our task to improve it.
Creative Direction
Packaging design

A system that works

We created a master layout that works internationally, across various languages and legal requirements. We implemented hierarchy improvements, where benefits and messaging were displayed in a clearer way.
We created a master system for 11 products over 3 product lines (categories) of beauty, health and performance.

Shapes for the future

We crafted a color system and captivating shapes for future products. Our packaging designs are both elegant and adaptable, while new typography and icons added a unifying touch.
We also provided expert guidance on photography styles, materials, and print specifications, including the enchanting allure of silver foil. Together, these elements wove a tale of innovation and attention to detail, ensuring our products would leave a lasting impression.
other work